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The social ecosystem takes the social media experience to the next level

Welcome to Social, a private, and blockchain-based rewarding social network for humans. Social is a social blockchain that grows communities and makes immediate revenue streams possible for users by rewarding them for sharing content. You can create content that engages your viewers and attracts them to the platform and you get paid for it. You can also run a social media platform without those annoying ads. And, by the way, your content remains yours, and someone else can’t plagiarize!

Decentralized Social Media

It's time to take back control from Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and YouTube.

BTD Social is a community-driven social media platform allowing users to publish posts, photos, videos, news, blogging content. It has many similarities with the established social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, WhtsApp, WeChat, Linkedin, but there is one major difference: Social is a decentralized blockchain platform, where everyone can earn bitcoin dollar crypto rewards.

Take back control of your social media content

A place to have open conversations and bring people together. Free your mind and get paid for creating content, driving traffic and referring friends.

Post videos, blogs, images and statuses. Messaging and video chat securely with groups or directly with friends. Discover great content through trending feeds and hashtags.

Earn Bitcoin Dollars for your daily contributions and use them to upgrade your channel, boost your content for more reach, support other creators or convert them to dollars or Euros.

You can also receive direct payments in BTD from your fans, or upgrade your account to launch your own website and get paid for the traffic you drive.


Not only is your privacy protected, you also have a choice of what to do with your content: make it publicly available or store it safely.


Why not bring your identity offline, where you are the only one who can edit it? These days you can even store your cryptocurrency on a USB stick, so why not your identity?


Our community plays a key role in influencing the Bit-Social reward system. We welcome suggestions and offer voting options for suggested changes.

How can I earn financial rewards?

All day long people on social media are showing appreciation (likes, comments and shares) for other people’s content. It’s great to receive such attention and recognition, but what if you could receive a financial recognition? On BTD Social you get rewarded for publishing your own photos and videos. Your followers can like your posts and add comments, but here’s where it gets really interesting…they can also like your photos and videos! When you send or receive likes, BTD Social taps into its own pool of available cryptocurrency (stored in the BTD Social reward pool), which will then be released to the person receiving likes. A great way to earn an additional stream of income!


BTD Social is made to enhance the user experience of social media and to get rightfully rewarded for contributing by posting photos and video in return for cryptocurrency.


Sky is the limit when it comes to the social possibilities. The platform offers a space where creativity and originality is recognized, appreciated and rewarded.


In a world that is constantly changing, BTD Social works together with a great team of developers to deliver you an innovative platform with a unique philosophy.


You, as a content creator, will be rewarded

Users can give likes (no monetization) and limited likes (monetization). We give the power back to the user, who in turn produces content for the community and the world. Why does a big corporation get all the profits? We can change this, With the use of Blockchain technology we are able to achieve a trustworthy, self-governed and partly decentralized social network.


Get Rewards

Content creators producing engaging content must get rewards, and it should be proportional to the engagement their content creates. Currently, if you publish a great article on LinkedIn, you get no reward. LinkedIn earns from ads though.



Developers that bring improvement to the platform must receive rewards for their efforts.


Censorship Resistant

Censorship-resistant: Repressive regimes routinely deny their citizens the right to access content that the regime considers sensitive. A blockchain-powered social media must resist such censorship.


Decentralized Vetting

Decentralized vetting of content to ensure authenticity: The platform must enable users with subject matter expertise to certify if a piece of content is genuine. Fake news is a problem in the centralized social media, and decentralized ones must empower their community to prevent this.


Privacy and Security

Users must be in control of their data to prevent Cambridge Analytica-like scandals. Blockchain social media privacy will pave the way to the emergence of new, much more ethical and user-friendly social media networks, which put the protection of sensitive personal information first.


Digital Rights

Digital rights management: Content creators should be able to protect their rights over their content.


Social Commerce more
important than ever

Just imagine your friend wearing a nice jeans, our platform tracing this product and making a seamless checkout possible, without ever leaving the BTD Social app! This would be an ideal situation, but it is something we are striving to implement as much as realistically possible.

Be Part of the Revolution

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