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BTD Domains platform is a Blockchain-based open-source DNS technology, which improves decentralization, security, censorship resistance, privacy, and the speed of certain components of the Internet infrastructure, such as DNS and identities.


The future is in decentralized domain names.

Registering a crypto-based domain is not easy. Cryptographic knowledge is required. We make everything for you. It’s like working with a standard domain registrar. We store all registered domains in so-called "cold" storage, outside the Internet and computers. The goal is to eliminate the risk of hacker attacks and the stealing of domains. Your domain is in safe hands. All incoming transfers are free of charge. The first year with us is also free. At any time you can request the transfer of your domains to your own private address / wallet.

What can BTD Domains be used for?

Protect free-speech rights online by making the web more resistant to censorship.

Decentralized TLS (HTTPS) certificate validation, backed by blockchain consensus.

Access websites using the BBB-based top-level domain not only WWW-based

Proposed ideas such as file signatures, voting, FinTech, bonds, stocks, shares, web of trust, notary services, and proof of existence.

What’s DNS? And why does Bit-DNS matter?

DNS is like the phonebook of the Internet. When you type in, your computer asks a digital phonebook on the Internet (called a DNS server) what the address means, and gets back a series of numbers like The problem is that these DNS servers are controlled by governments and large corporations, and could abuse their power to censor, hijack, or spy on your Internet usage. This happens on a regular basis across the world, including in countries like China as well as in countries like the United States.

BTD Domains enabled websites are immune to these problems, because instead of the phone book being a corporation or the government, the digital phone-book is on your own computer. Bitcoin technology ensures that every user in the world has the same phone-book data on their computer, without anyone being able to illegitimately change that phone-book data.


Innovative Technology

BTD Domains enabled websites starts with “” instead of “WWW” or something similar. Bit-Domains use Bitcoin technology to decentralize and free website addresses, just like Bitcoin decentralizes and frees money.

Censorship-Resistance and Privacy

With standard DNS, the digital phonebook server and anyone watching you talk to it can deduce which websites you’re visiting. Sounds creepy? Bit-Domains’s digital phonebook doesn’t generate any network traffic when you look up a website address, which improves your privacy. (Obviously, Tor provides even better privacy.)

With standard DNS, the digital phonebook can falsely claim “there’s no website here”; this is what SOPA would have mandated in the U.S. Bit-Domains cannot easily be censored, for the same reasons that no one can easily prevent you from spending bitcoins.

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