Multichain System Architecture for Redundancy & Security.

BitBlockchain is an open and highly composable system that provides components that can be selected and assembled in various combinations to satisfy specific user requirements and multichain architecture platform built on an atomic swap ready multichain architecture with lightning fast transactions. Our BitBlockchain protocol and framework gives every project a fully customizable smartchain that can natively support coins, apps, games, smart contracts, document storage, trading platform components, banking & financial APIs, governance etc.


Bitcoin is Permissionless, anyone can view and verify transactions.


Private activity, addresses can be pseudo-anonymous.


Bitcoin Dollar is scarce (total supply is fixed).


Bitcoin Dollars are mined (as a reward for contribution).

Censorship Resistant 

Censorship-resistant (no one can put controls on your account).

Medium Of Exchange

Electronic P2P cash system which can be used as a store of value.


BitBlockchain is decentralized and has no intermediaries. It removes the need for intermediaries or "third parties." Dealing with an intermediary, you need to trust this company with your info which poses a security risk, as your information no longer belongs to you only. The need for the third parties will be removed with the adoption of Blockchain technology and thus will allow peer-to-peer data transfer. So, this way, Blockchain provides a method of recording and transferring data in a transparent, secure, and democratic way, as trust is what current systems lack.

BitBlockchain is Lightning Fast. When people refer to a Blockchain as "fast," they're typically comparing a system that uses Blockchain to a system that does not. It takes seconds for an email to go around the world, but it can take several weeks for money to move across the city through the banking system. Often the reason the Blockchain-based system is faster is that the involvement of intermediaries or other third parties makes the non-Blockchain system slower.

BitBlockchain is immutable. The immutability of a BitBlockchain means that any once written data on the Blockchain is unchanged. To understand it, let's take sending email as an example. Since you've sent an email to a group of people, you can't take it back. Thus, you will have to ask all of them to delete your email, which can be quite complicated. So, once the data has been processed, it can't be changed or altered. As for the Blockchain, if anyone tries to change the data in one block, you'll have to change the whole structure.

Blockchain Eras

Over the years, blockchain has evolved rapidly. The evolution can be neatly summarized into four main eras of blockchain technology.

The Calculator Era

Bitcoin is representative of the first era of blockchain. Characterized by a single, monolithic blockchain without the ability to host apps, games, or software, this era of blockchain focused on providing the ability to send and receive tiny bits of data. In other words, these Calculator Era blockchains were innovating a digital form of cash: cryptocurrency. 

The Mainframe Era

Several years later, a new type of blockchain arrived: the smart contract platform. Ethereum was the first project to introduce a blockchain-based virtual machine, which let any third-party project submit code to the Ethereum network. This model uses a pay-per-use model that allowed many new projects to quickly adopt blockchain. However, there is just a single blockchain with one shared network for everyone to use, similar to early mainframe computers. This causes congestion and high fees while also limiting autonomy.

The Server Era

The next era of blockchain technology was determined to improve upon the limitations of smart contract platforms - network congestion, high fees, a lack of scalability, and limited application functionality. Projects such as Polkadot and Cosmos presented application-specific blockchains that operate independently of other chains on the platform. These independent, application-specific blockchains can be thought of as dedicated servers.

The Composability Era

While Server Era platforms offer unique blockchains, third-party projects still aren’t allowed to own and control their own blockchain. It’s akin to renting a dedicated server from a data center. The Composability Era moves beyond this model with composable solutions, in which third-party projects have full autonomy, control their own blockchain, and never pay fees in a non-native currency.

BitBlockchain Framework

BitBlockchain Framework is an adaptable framework for simple, end-to-end blockchain development. BitBlockchain makes it easier than ever before to launch a chain, activate modules, and start building blockchain-based applications. Bitcoin Dollar framework is built atop BitBlockchain innovative multi-chain architecture that enables the generation of independent runtime forks of the BTD blockchain. 


Each independent chain has its own consensus rules, hashing algorithm, decentralized network, and coin. 


Blockchains launched with our technology never depend on the BitBlockchain, network, or platform. It’s an open ecosystem, so there is no vendor lock-in.


Creating a chain from the BitBlockchain is permissionless and free. BitBlockchain team is not informed when a chain is created, so there's no way to track a chain after launch.

BitBlockchain Smart Chains:
The Optimal Way To Adopt Blockchain Technology

BitBlockchain Smart Chains are independent & purpose-built blockchains. They’re also fully programmable, so they can natively support any blockchain-based game, app, or software.


Smart Chains have their own networks, consensus mechanisms, and currencies. Each third-party project has complete autonomy over their Smart Chain's development. 


Customize your Smart Chain along with the 18 different parameters to meet your unique needs. Don’t mold your business to fit a blockchain, mold your Smart Chain to perfectly fit your business. 


Smart Chains come with a built-in library of consensus-altering modules that allow you to natively host blockchain-based games, applications, and contracts on your Smart Chain’s own network. 

BitBlockchain Chains Are Fully Customizable

With 18 different parameters, Chains can be customized in hundreds of millions different ways.


Choose your project’s ticker.  

Block Time

Amount of time that passes between block generations on your chain. 

Pre-Mine Supply

Number of coins created in your chain’s genesis block.

Consensus Rules

Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, or any combination of the two. 

Block Rewards

Number of coins awarded to a miner or staker for finding a block. 

Privacy Settings

Choose from disabled, optional, or mandatory privacy features. 

Block Halvings

Number of blocks between reductions in block rewards. 

Block Decay

Percentage by which block rewards decrease at each reduction. 

Reward Eras

Make 3 block reward eras to fully customize emission schedule. 

BitBlockchain Modules Are Powerful Blockchain Building Blocks 

BitBlockchain Modules provide an extremely powerful and efficient way to run programs and apps on the blockchain. 

Turing Complete

The BitBlockchain Framework supports C/C++, meaning that it allows for Turing-complete code. With app, any program or software can be coded to run on your BitBlockchain Chain. 

No Gas Fees

There are no gas fees with BitBlockchain. Regardless of how many processes BitBlockchain Module requires, it only need a single transaction fee, paid in your Smart Chain's coin, to run. 

Code Custom Modules

Experienced developers can write custom modules, creating the building blocks and remote procedure calls they need to build more advanced blockchain-based software. 

A Built-In Library of BitBlockchain Modules

Each BitBlockchain Chain comes with a library of Modules. Activate the modules and start building.


Create fixed-supply tokens hosted natively on your Smart Chain 


A data aggregation oracle to bring off-chain data onto your Smart Chain 


An automated crypto faucet with built-in spam prevention measures 

Price Feeds

A completely trustless and decentralized price feed module 


Build gateways between your Smart Chain and external blockchains 


Use this module for an algorithmic stable coin solution on your Smart Chain 


Use this module to allow instantaneous micro-payments of digital assets 


Reward users to lock away their coins for a set period of time 


Designate a crypto heir and set the conditions for the release of funds 

BitBlockchain Integration Layer lowers the barriers to blockchain adoption.

Each BitBlockchain Module provides a selection of remote procedure calls. Together, the library of built-in modules create an open API, providing a simple and powerful way to build apps on your Chain. 


BitBlockchain Open API can be used with any programming language. 

Easy To Develop

BitBlockchain Integration Layer allows any developer to adopt blockchain.

Native App Support

All games, contracts, and apps are hosted natively on your own smartchain.

A Series Of White Label Products

BitBlockchain Integration Layer also offers several white label products to help you go to market faster.

Multi-Coin BitWallet

Build a branded wallet with over 2500 assets for any OS


Create a branded, atomic swap powered decentralized exchange


Integrate to BitBlockchain servers to allow mobile wallet functionality

BitBlock Explorers

Launch a custom block explorer to track blocks and transactions 

BitFunding App

Raise funds with a fully decentralized crowdfunding application

Optimal Solutions

Add more nodes to your network to boost decentralization & security

Be Part of the Revolution

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